Attorney Kyle Hanson

Attorney Kyle Hanson: faces reprimand for lying to judge

Okay, I read this interesting article in the Wisconsin Law Journal.  It is titled: 

Madison attorney faces reprimand for lying to judge

They go on to say:  The Office of Lawyer Regulation has asked the state Supreme Court to discipline Kyle Hanson, a Madison attorney accused of lying to opposing counsel and a judge.

Okay, I am no lawyer or judge, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that this might be the type of laywer that might cause a client pain?  Heartache?  Loss of money?  What do you think?

I cannot wait to get my hands on the juicy details – will post them here for everyone to view.  This site is, after all dedicated to Attorney Kyle Hanson of Hanson Law Group.  He sucks!

2 Thoughts to “Attorney Kyle Hanson: faces reprimand for lying to judge”

  1. WAYNE Triebe

    Stiffed me out of fees of almost 20?K and That’s not counting my medical and out of pocket expenses of over twenty thousand for home That’s not livable. Everyone tells me that’s how it is done around here.

    1. Derek G

      File a bar association complaint first and foremost, get it on the record.

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